Chaos At JFK Airport As Protests Over Trump’s Refugee Ban ERUPT [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Chaos At JFK Airport As Protests Over Trump's Refugee Ban ERUPT [VIDEO]

More than 400 protesters have gathered at JFK, chanting “Let them in, Let them in….” and more as news of detained refugees has spread. The protest was organized using a Facebook page entitled, “JFK Immigration Detention Rally and Vigil.” Protesters are decrying President Trump’s recent Executive Order that addressed the refugee issue.

Earlier, we reported:

Refugees At Airport Find Out How Serious Trump Is About Keeping America Safe

The JFK Immigration Detention Rally and Vigil Facebook page lists the following:

In direct coordination with the Port Authority we will be meeting outside of JFK Terminal 4 Arrivals on the outer roadway.

Holocaust Remembrance Day was Friday and today Trump’s racist executive actions have already resulted in people being detained at JFK (without access to their legal representation) because of their country of origin. Let’s put action behind words and meet at JFK Terminal 4 Arrivals at 6PM to hold a vigil and rally against the detentions. NO BAN, NO WALL, SANCTUARY FOR ALL!

We know there are many folks that are heading straight to Terminal 4 right now. We are working with community organizations to arrange for peaceful demonstrations throughout the day culminating with a havdalah ritual lead by Rabbi Rachel Grant Meyer at 6PM. Speakers to follow.

Please use hashtags: #NoMuslimBanJFK and #Terminal4; no more than two at a time on Twitter becase more supresses tweets!

Javier H. Valdes, co-executive director of the organization, said in a statement:

“What is happening at JFK International Airport right now is an affront to American values. This harkens back to a previous dark episode in our nation’s history when we turned away Jewish refugees seeking safe harbor from the horrors of Nazism. I will not and cannot stand idly by as the Trump administration begins repeating such unconscionable acts.”

Watch the chaos below:

Of course, there are many who support Trump and oppose the protests:

Do you support President Trump’s policy on refugees?

We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we have them.


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