DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump’s Latest Ban CRIPPLES Corrupt DC Lobbyists

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Trump's Latest Ban CRIPPLES Corrupt DC Lobbyists

TRUMP IS ON FIRE! The days of milking the taxpayers with corrupt corporate and foreign lobbying just came to a close!

The swamp is being drained, even on a weekend. In his latest unconventional move, President Trump used his pen to address government officials who leave public service to get rich as lobbyists.

Administration officials will be banned FOR LIFE from lobbying for foreign governments, and for 5-years from lobbying at all. Government leeches have to be furious, as now they will likely have to go out and seek real jobs, just like the rest of us.

ABCNews is reporting:

Trump has said that those who want to work for him should focus on the job they’ll be doing for the American people, and not on future income earned by peddling their influence after serving in government.

Administration officials describe the bans as historic in scope. But it’s not immediately clear how they’d be enforced.

Of course, people are already complaining about the new Executive Order:

As expected, there are many who support the President:

Imagine if this kind of Order had been in place prior to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s time in Washington.

Do you support President Trump’s new Order?

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