Guy Drove His Truck Onto Jetty After High Surf Advisory And It Ended Badly

This is an excellent example of what not to do.

You would never catch me in a million years driving my truck onto a jetty when the ocean looks angry like this. ¬†Forget that I probably also wouldn’t have checked out the high surf advisory, just looking at those waves and having a healthy respect for the ocean’s awesome powers would keep me beach side.

And then this happened.

(H/T: Mashable)

The ocean is an unforgiving and brutal force of nature that deserves respect.

A High Surf Advisory from the US National Weather Service was set on Thursday for Eureka,California, with surf height set at a whopping 27 feet. Despite the warnings, a driver decided to test his pickup truck outfitted with oversized tires and drive out to the tip of the Humboldt Bay North Jetty, you know, to get a closer look.

Local photographer Tyler Whiteside was on the scene and when he noticed the driver heading towards the hetty, he flipped on his camera and captured the whole scene.

After getting bashed by the monster waves the vehicle eventually becomes disabled and the driver actually gets out of his truck multiple times before he was eventually airlifted by the Coast Guard.

Fortunately, the man was uninjured in the incident, though his vehicle was left on the jetty until weather improves.

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