Her Cousin Noticed An Odd Smell At Dinner, Leads To Gruesome Discovery By Cops [VIDEO]

Ever since the summer of 2015, a woman was reported missing. But now she has been found dead in a $1.2 million home outside of Boston, Massachusetts. But while the older woman’s death might not have raised any red flags, the fact that her sister had been living in that home for more than a year since the woman died, certainly made authorities question everything.

Apparently, the decomposed corpse of 67-year-old Hope Wheaton was found last month after the woman’s cousin had come over for a visit and dinner. Police were called and they immediately wondered why the deceased’s sister, 74-year-old Lynda Waldman didn’t notify the police about the death.

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After the cousin found the corpse under the kitchen table, authorities were called in. Upon a proper investigation, they determined that based on the level of decomposition, they believe Wheaton died in the summer of 2015.

“We always asked where she was,” said Harriet Allen, a neighbor on the street and longtime friend of Wheaton’s. “She would ignore it.”

Based on the autopsy, there are no signs of a struggle or foul play – it seems like she died of natural causes. But if that was the case, why didn’t Lynda Waldman say anything? Why let your sister’s body rot?

For the year and a half since Wheaton’s death, neighbors did not notice anyone coming in or out of the Brookline home.

Allen said the sisters “never came out” of their house. “They were recluses.”

Nevertheless, Allen said she was friendly with the sisters. She knew that Wheaton did some kind of computer work in her home. Neither sister had ever married and the cousin visited frequently.

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