Refugee Blocked at Airport Becomes Face of ‘Islamic Ban.’ Then They Asked What He Thought of Trump [VIDEO]

As protests over President Trump’s temporary travel ban for people from seven predominantly Muslim countries erupted Sat JFK airport on Saturday afternoon, one man quickly became the focal point.

His name is Hameed Khalid Darweesh, and was a translator for U.S. troops in Iraq.

For hours, Twitter lit up with tweets about Darwish from people who wanted to use him to make a point about the ban.

Two Democratic members of Congress from New York quickly headed to JFK to see if they could help speed things up for Darweesh.

There was a lot of rejoicing among the crowd at the airport and the social media protesters when it was announced that Darweesh had been released.

When he finally made it outside to address the media, more than one reporter couldn’t wait to ask him if he had anything to say to Donald Trump (not “President” Trump).

The money line is about one minute into the clip.

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