Man Makes INCREDIBLE Rescue After Elderly Woman Plummets Down Escalator [VIDEO]

A quick-thinking office clerk in China has been hailed a hero after he rescued an elderly woman who had fallen on a moving escalator in early January.

When Yu Haohan, who works at a real estate registration center in Yantai, saw the woman fall, he jumped over his counter and hurried to help her, Xinhua News Agency reported, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Most impressive, however, was that the 29-year-old’s heroic action, which was caught on surveillance video, took only three seconds.

When the elderly woman fell, several people gathered around the escalator, but Haohan wasted no time jumping over his desk and sprinting toward the moving staircase.

“At that moment, I just wanted to prevent the elderly woman from being pushed by the escalator,” Haohan told a local reporter. “So I jumped to the top as fast as I can.”

He made sure the woman made it safely off the escalator and calmed her nerves before going back to his work.

Watch the impressive video of Haohan rescuing the elderly woman here, courtesy of People’s Daily:

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