The Unbelievable Reason Why Some Liberals Are Upset About The “Women’s March”…

The woman’s march in Washington D.C. is among one of the most crazy displays seen yet, but what makes it even more bizarre is the group that is criticizing the march, and no it is not the Pro-Life group. Check it out…

From Washington Free Beacon:

Saturday’s event to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump was largely a “white cis women march,” with too many pictures of female reproductive organs and pink hats, according to trans women and “nonbinary” individuals interviewed by

A fight is brewing between “trans-exclusionary radical feminists,” or “TERFs,” and transwomen, according to the article, “How the Women’s March’s ‘genital-based’ feminism isolated the transgender community.”


Signs that said “Pussy grabs back,” “Resistance is Fertile,” and “Pussy Power” sent a “clear and oppressive message to trans women, especially: having a vagina is essential to womanhood.

The article explained that transwomen are weary of “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” “TERFs” are people who “equate womanhood with having a vagina” or feminists who “argue trans women are actually men in disguise trying to infiltrate their spaces.” also quoted a “nonbinary” individual—a person who does not identify with either male or female, has multiple gender identities, or a gender identity that changes over time, among other things—whose girlfriend is still a biological male.

“For 20-year-old Sam Forrey, a nonbinary student in Ohio, and their girlfriend Lilian McDaniel, who is trans, there had been other warning signs that the Women’s March might be a dangerous space for them,” according to the article.

A vagina being indicative of being a woman is an oppressive thought? Wow now we have heard it all. I really hope something changes soon.


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