Bully Thinks He Found A Weak Target, Quickly Learns That Is NOT The Case [VIDEO]

In modern times, bullying is just as common on social media and the internet than it is in person. While bullies needed to be willing to face their victims face-to-face back in the Good Old Days, now they can attack people from the safety of their own living room while using their parent’s internet.

Because bullying has evolved to include attacks on the internet and in person, things are more complicated than ever before. But the truth remains constant. When the bullied stand up to the bullies, good things happen. Bullies aren’t used to being fought back against – they’re used to intimidating and scaring their victims. So, when the opposite happens, they’re not prepared. And if a camera is rolling, we love to watch these bullies get dropped.

Check out the new viral video below to see a school bully get what he deserves!

The bully, who is the stronger-looking boy, continues to push and assault the other one. Until the 38-second mark.

At that point, the victim fights back. He throws a punch and the bully falls to the ground in a heap of defeat.

Apparently, the bully is not yet done. He tries to stand and approach the victim again. Perhaps, he doesn’t think the other boy has another punch in him. But the bully is wrong! The bullying victim throws another cross and hits the bully’s face. The punk collapses to the ground again. It looks like he has never taken a punch in his life.

Because the jerk refused to relent and walk away, he got punched and knocked down twice. And it was all caught on video, so everyone knows he is just a punk.

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