Matthew McConaughey Stuns His Hollywood Pals With His Recent Remarks On Trump [VIDEO]

Matthew McConaughey told his fellow pals in Hollywood that “it’s time for us to embrace” President Donald Trump.

In a BBC interview published Wednesday, the 47-year-old actor said that Trump is “our president” at least for the next four years and suggested celebrities who didn’t vote for Trump need to find a way to be “constructive” during his presidency.

“They don’t have a choice now,” McConaughey said. “He’s our president. It’s a very dynamic and as divisive of a time and inauguration as we’ve had, at the same time, it’s time for us to embrace.” (RELATED: Celebrities Freak Out Over Trump’s Immigration Restriction)

“Shake hands with this fact, be constructive with him over the next four years,” he added. “So, anyone, even those who most strongly may disagree with his principles or things he’s said or done — which is another thing, we’ll see what he does compared to what he has said — no matter how much you disagreed along the way, it’s time to think how constructive can you be.”

“Because he’s our president for the next four years, at least,” he continued. “President of the United States.”

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