PHOTO of Mattis at Airport Goes Viral When People See What He’s Doing

United States Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis was once introduced at his Senate confirmation hearings as “a humble man with very little to be humble about,” according to The Associated Press.

Apparently life at the top has not changed him.

Known as “the Warrior Monk” for his academic and unassuming lifestyle, he recently showed something that sets him apart from the Washington elite.

As Mattis boarded a pre-dawn flight to South Korea on Wednesday for his first official overseas visit, he was spotted lugging his own suitcase to the plane, according to the Independent Journal Review.

Just to be crystal clear: The secretary of defense carries his own bags.

 And it’s not a new practice:

James Mattis

From Afghanistan to the Pentagon to the White House, this humble servant leader has always been clear that he serves the people, not vice versa.

In his first letter to the troops after his confirmation, Mattis made his servant-leadership philosophy clear.

“It’s good to be back and I’m grateful to serve alongside you as secretary of defense,” he said, according to Business Insider. Not manage, not direct. Serve. Alongside.

“He’s a leader by example,” said retired Marine Sgt. Maj. Carlton Kent. “He’s not the type that’s ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ He’s out there doing it.”

Mattis’ humble attitude belies the fact that he’s tough as nails. Even former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who opposed having a military officer in the traditionally civilian post, said, “He’s a tough general, spoke the truth, was a good adviser. I trusted his defense judgment. And so I think he’s got, you know, a lot of qualities that are important to a secretary of defense job,” CBS News reported.

If you’re old enough to remember President Jimmy Carter carrying his own bags, remember this also: They were empty. Like so much of what Democrat so-called leadership offers, they were hollow and just for show.

And can you for a moment imagine former President Barack Obama or his elite ilk carrying their own luggage?

When President Donald Trump talked about “draining the swamp,” this is just what Americans had in mind: leaders who work hard, aren’t pretentious and don’t identify with the Washington elite.

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