Middle School Teacher Busted Sending Nude Pictures To 14yo Student [PHOTOS]

28-year-old Kylie Modisette, a middle school English teacher of three years, sent nude photographs of herself to a 14-year-old student in December.

The naughty pictures were then distributed all over Huntington Middle School in Texas.

Modisette confessed to her wrongdoing and was arrested by Texas Rangers on a misdemeanor charge of distribution of harmful material to a minor.

While on administrative leave, her reviews on Rate My Teacher have been, shall we say, entertaining…

According to Rare, these parents were disappointed they didn’t receive the same treatment as Modisette’s 14-year-old student:



However, another parent was clearly pleased about the outcome of Parent-Teacher conferences:


This person gave Modisette one-star reviews on everything except for “easiness,” for which they awarded her five stars:


This creep is still holding out hope that he might be able to get his hands on her nudes:


And someone even offered Modisette some job advice, now that her teaching career is in the tank:


This teacher won’t be sending anymore nude photos (hopefully), but her reviews are definitely the gift that keeps on giving!

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