Hamilton Singers Changed God Bless America and America Responded

Liberals just have to force themselves onto every American tradition and ultimately ruin them with their political correctness.  Some would think it’s not a big deal to change the words to God Bless America, but it is a big deal.  It’s an iconic song for our country.  And the Schuyler Sisters knew it was a big deal, otherwise they wouldn’t have done it.

At least Lady Gaga gave America a half time show that didn’t involve shoving Hollywood’s liberalism down our throats, and I for one hope more Americans buy her music because of it.

(H/T: Independent Journal Review)

On Sunday, the original “Schuyler Sisters” from the musical “Hamilton” opened up the Super Bowl with “God Bless America.”


Their performance was largely praised, but Twitter users were quick to catch one minor change to the American classic.

After singing the line “and crown thy hood with brotherhood,” Jasmine Cephas Jones and Renee Elise Goldsberry added the words “and sisterhood,” before continuing.


The show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, weighed in:

One user proved his “Hamilton” fandom with a line from the show:

And an iconic gif from their Broadway performanc:

Twitter user Amanda saw no reason to continue the event:

One user cued in to the Falcons coach’s reaction:

Michaela Jacobson is waiting patiently for the backlash:

She may not have to wait much longer. One user questioned why the camera didn’t show Vice President Mike Pence’s face. Another tweet claimed, “America is already great,” a clear nod to President Donald Trump.

What do you think?

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