Octopus Steals Mans Selfie Stick and GoPro [WATCH]

As seen at LittleThings: According to the man in the video, he was in Ibiza, an island near Spain, and was just about to return to his boat when he caught an amazing sight.

Right in the harbor, there was an octopus!

He was so excited to see such a rare an awesome creature that he decided to load his GoPro portable camera onto a selfie stick, and dip it underwater to get a video of the octopus.

Now, I’m not sure if these sea creatures don’t enjoy being photographed, or perhaps this particular octopus was just curious, but within seconds of the camera going under, the creature lashed out with a tentacle!

It instantly wrapped its limb around the stick and what commenced was an unexpected tug-of-war between this man and the octopus. It just wouldn’t let go!

Now, if it was me, I would’ve just let it go, but this man wasn’t about to surrender.

He does say in the video how awesome the creature’s strength is, feeling as though it was about to pull him under!

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