Public Defender Fired, Plays Race Card Over Black Lives Matter Tie

What’s the liberal definition of a bigot?  Anyone who disagrees with a black person.

This man is a lawyer, which means he’s supposed to be a professional and an officer of the court.  To play the race card after bringing race politics into work, let alone a courtroom, reminds me of the son who murdered his parents and then pleaded for mercy with the court because he’s an orphan.

(H/T: US Herald)

The often ignored “open-secret” of those individuals dispensing the law on behalf of government, whether it’s on the state or federal level, all too often  have a political agenda, and rather than adhering to their responsibility of accurately applying the law fairly, they manipulate the process to achieve a desired political outcome.

Anyone who’s had the misfortune of going through the court system realizes almost immediately upon entering that hollowed institution, that politics often plays a vital part within the legal process.

Usually those legal infractions are kept in check, and activist judges, prosecutors and government paid lawyers attempt to keep some sort of outward appearance of judicial propriety, if not for themselves, then for the benefit of the unsuspecting public, that might get caught up within the judicial system.

However not all legal infractions can be easily swept under the judicial rug. Take for example an assistant public defender in Melbourne, Florida, who comes to court wearing a “Black Lives Matter” necktie. One would automatically assume and logic would suggest that an assistant “public” defender is being paid by the “public” those folks who pay their taxes, and therefore he actually works for the public, those citizens who reside in Melbourne, Florida, and not for a private law firm.

Moreover Assistant “Public” Defender Alton Edmond, 27, actually went online to complain about an overtly political atmosphere at the Brevard County public defender’s office.


Edmond, who handles legal issues involving misdemeanor cases for the agency, was escorted out of the building on Wednesday after his Facebook posts were made known to the Public Defenders office, is one of three minority attorneys hired in April for the Brevard Public Defenders office, which currently has over 42-attorneys working on criminal cases.

Public Defender Blaise Trettis’ speaking to media outlet FLORIDA TODAY, acknowledged the incident saying; “It is accurate to say he was fired. But it was an accumulation of things … the tie had no significance in his firing.”

Trettis’ continued; “People can talk about politics, of course. But there’s a big difference about talking politics and wearing politics on your tie.”

Moreover we seem to be dealing with both a generational and cultural divide in which today’s so called professionals whether in a court room or a class room, lack the good taste and  common sense of “self censuring” themselves, especially given the fact they’re working on the “public’s behalf!”

Here is the REAL reason this BLM moron was canned:

Trettis said he admonished Edmond about the tie but that other issues played a role in the dismissal – including an episode in which Edmond recorded his colleagues talking about politics and another instance in which he left behind a loaded gun on the desk in his office before he went to court.

Trettis said he was told Edmond posted the recording of his colleagues on his Facebook page, but quickly removed it. Edmond said he was recording himself and posted it online, but took it down when he learned it picked up the voices of his colleagues.

The last straw, Trettis said, were recent Facebook posts the millennial attorney made regarding what he felt was discrimination against him for wearing the tie. The posts were printed out and left for Trettis to read.

“He was posting on Facebook during working hours, and the posts were about me. When you’re at work, criticizing your boss, that’s not a good thing,” Trettis said.

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