The Cop Cuffed Him Then EXPOSED Him In A Way That Made The Blonde FREAK OUT! [WATCH DASHCAM]

On a date with a beautiful blonde when everything seemingly went all wrong…

This pretty blonde girl was trying to stay calm but was a nervous wreck on the inside. When the cop pulled them over, it seemed to be routine. Then he took the boyfriend out on the car, frisked him, then cuffed his hands behind his back on his knees. At that point, it appears that the girl is starting to think that her boyfriend was into something bad, like he may have drugs in the car or on his person. She even says at the end, “What did you do?”

The entire event was inexplicable.

Things only got more bizarre when the cop left the man “cuffed” and starting talking about taking a picture. He directed the girl to come stand in front of him, then walked back to the cruiser, talking about taking a picture the entire time.

I truly do not believe that this girl ever had any idea what was about to happen. Her boyfriend played it perfectly and the cop was in his element. Do you think that she was on her way home from work? It appears so. Things worked out pretty well for her, and him, in the end.

Watch the craziness below for yourself:

Cops often do not get enough credit. Consider the case below, where a liberal hippie decided it was a good idea to spit in the face of a Marine, in front of a group of other Marines! Things were bad, but that hippie might have ended up dead if not for cops with sound judgment.

Take a look, below:

Sometimes people are smart, sometimes they are dumb. Isn’t it great to get it all on video?

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