Woman Dies In FREAK ACCIDENT After Bizzare Encounter With Donation Bin

A Pennsylvania woman died after she got her arm stuck in a clothing donation bin, and was left dangling above the ground for nearly four hours.

Judith Permar, 56, used a stool to reach into the bin on Sunday before it collapsed, breaking her left arm and wrist, according to Mount Carmel police.

Her daughter, Angela Minnig, posted a message about her mother in a Facebook post, according to WNEP. The post was later deleted:

To the friends and family of Judy Permar:

I know it’s in the paper and it’s beginning to spread on social media, but for those who do not know; On Sunday morning my Mother passed away.

It was very sudden and our family will learn to coupe with the loss of such an amazing Wife, Mother, Sister, and Friend. We will be updating everyone on her viewing and wish all who knew her to visit and pay her respects.

She was such a fun loving person and we know it would mean the world to her to say “See you Again.”

The county coroner said she died from a combination of trauma and possible hypothermia.

“To be standing there, knowing that just the person across the street could just turn the light on and help you and just there and not be able to call somebody or have somebody come help you,” said resident Kia Vazquez.

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