Authorities Are Now Urging Travelers To Snap Photos of Their Hotel Rooms As They Enter

Thinking of what’s happened in your hotel room isn’t a pleasant thought for most travelers, yet acknowledging it could have been a crime scene and taking one simple action will definitely help you sleep easy.

Sex trafficking investigators face a formidable challenge identifying hotel rooms in which young sex workers are photographed.  TraffickCam aims to use travelers to crowdsource a database of valuable information to help.

As CNN reports:

“Right now we’re just beta testing the St Louis area, and we’re getting positive hits,” he says, referring to ads that match hotel room photos in the database.
Following initial testing in this small area, [Sergeant Adam] Kavanaugh [supervisor of the St. Louis County Multi-Jurisdictional Human Trafficking Task Force] feels optimistic about the role TraffickCam can play in identifying both hotel rooms and routes traffickers are using.
“Technology drives everything we do nowadays, and this is just one more tool that law enforcement can use to make our job a little safer and a little bit easier,” he says.
Challenges remain in that workers are often transported from one location to another, but the information could be used to create more targeted sting raids or bring federal charges against rings operating across state lines.
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