Hottie Danish Student Who Got $1 Million ISIS Bounty For Killing 100 Militants [PHOTOS]

This young lady, and others like her, are the little known heroes of the war on ISIS. The psychological impact to Muslim men to be killed in combat by a woman is reason enough for a $1 million bounty.

(As reported by: The Gateway Pundit)

Stunning 23-Year-Old Kills 100 ISIS Militants

Meet Joanna Palani, the gorgeous 23-year-old Danish student who burst onto the world stage after reports of her combat performance began to surface.

While women in the United States were busy mocking President Trump by wearing pink “pussy hats,” Palani was busy killing ISIS militants. Just how many militants are we talking about? According to the Mirror, she has killed 100 militants in her role as a sniper while fighting in Iraq and Syria.

The Mirror also reports that she believes that she has a $1 Million bounty on her head from ISIS as a result.

Vice reports that Palani is an Iranian Kurd who was born in a UN refugee camp in Ramadi, Iraq in 1993, after her family was forced to flee their home during the Gulf War. They moved to Copenhagen when she was a toddler.

Palani became a big fan of firearms at a young age as is custom with Kurds. “I love it,” she told vice, “it is my life. It is very normal for Kurds to learn to use weapons like this.”


Now Palani is facing jail time for going and fighting ISIS.

From The Guardian:

A 12-month travel ban was imposed on her to prevent her from travelling back to the conflict in September 2015, but in a closed court hearing last week she admitted travelling as far as Doha, Qatar, on 6 June this year and was taken into custody. She has another hearing on Tuesday.

Her lawyer, Erbil Kaya, noted the irony of seeking to prosecute someone who fought on the same side as Danish troops and other coalition forces while the government seeks to rehabilitate returning Isis fighters.

“It’s a shame. We are the first country in the world to punish a person who has been fighting on the same side as the international coalition. It’s hypocritical to punish her. Why don’t we punish the people who fight for Isis instead of people who are fighting on the same side as Denmark? … I don’t think it makes sense,” Kaya said.

Palani is the first foreign fighter to be jailed under new passport laws and is currently being held in Denmark’s largest prison, Vestre Fængsel in Copenhagen.

So Madonna got to make a terrorist threat when she said to a large crowd that she has thought about blowing up the White House and she faced no consequences for her actions. Joanna Palani on the other hand risked her life to go and fight against the most evil group of terrorists in the world and killed 100 of them but she now faces jail time over leaving her country because they specifically did not want her to go back and fight against ISIS. Wow.

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