Mob Drags Woman That Killed Toddler From Police Station, Throws Her In A Fire [GRAPHIC-VIDEO]

A mob of people surrounded a police station in Brazil, to carry out street justice.

Police in Novo Aripuana, arrested the 30-year-old woman, who has not been named, after she was accused of setting fire to a home that killed a two-year-old child.
While she was at the police station, a mob of about 500 residents stormed the police station and broke the cell doors before dragging the woman out to the street.

They created a bonfire by setting cars on fire, and pulled the woman by the hair and threw her into the roaring flames.

The woman suffered severe burns, but she managed to run out of the fire alive. The mob continued to beat her as she tried to free herself.

Police called for military reinforcements to contain the mob before the wounded woman was saved and taken to the hospital.

People uploaded disturbing photos and videos of the actions to the Internet. The photos and videos show the woman with charred skin and big pieces of her skin ripped off.

Police are now reviewing the video of the incident to identify those involved.

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