If You Notice White Stripes on Your Chicken, There May Be a HUGE Problem [VIDEO]

Chicken is inoffensive. It can be a bit dull at times. But really, it’s a glorious meat. So versatile. Think of nuggets for a moment. Little crispy nuggets. Or a roast. Or curry.

Apart from vegans and vegetarians, pretty much everyone loves chicken. The bird is eaten all over the world. Here in Britain, we smash through more than 2.2 million every day.

Because our consumption is so extreme, poultry farming has had to adapt. Agriculture is stretched (as it is in every area), and it’s having a telling effect on the quality of our chicken.

It’s often proclaimed that chicken is a healthy option in the meat world – much leaner than the likes of steak or lamb. But, according to studies, chicken isn’t quite as ‘good’ for us as it once was.

Compassion in World Farming has released a video about ‘white striping’ in chicken. These strands of fat appear due to the conditions the birds are kept in. They develop in factory farms.

Traditionally, chicken breasts are plump, tender, and have a small amount of fat running along the sides – but not strains cutting through the fillets.

The striping is down to the way chickens are raised in intensive farming. Farmers have to produce the birds on a mass scale, so they do everything to make their animals grow bigger, and more quickly. And chickens are fattier as a result.


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