Ice Skating Trip Takes Dramatic Turn When Men Spot Something Drowning In Frozen Lake [Video]

What would you do if you came across a massive animal in danger in the middle of winter?

Viktor Johannessen was faced with this decision when he was out enjoying some winter activities in northern Sweden.While ice skating on a frozen lake, Johannessen and some friends saw a moose that had fallen through the ice. From a distance, he could see the massive body flailing around in a hole in the ice.  It was obvious that he was struggling to stay afloat in the frigid water.

After watching the moose attempt to climb out of the water a few times, Johannessen and his pals knew that if this animal was going to survive, they needed to get involved. It was obvious that the animal was getting exhausted by trying to maneuver itself out of the freezing cold water. He had a lot of body weight to work with and the freezing cold water didn’t help.

“On our way to the hole in the ice, we saw the moose make several failed attempts to get up and out. It also couldn’t break the ice and reach land by itself,” said Viktor. “So we had to hack at the ice and make a path for it.”

The two went to work chipping away at the ice in order to make a path to the shore, hoping that the moose would be able to follow the path and make it out safely. Luckily the distance from the hole that the moose was in wasn’t that far from the shore, so they didn’t have a long way to go, but they definitely had to use a lot of strength to hack away at the ice. In the video below, you can see how much effort Johannessen has to put into breaking just one section of the ice. They were well aware that they were putting their own lives in harm’s way as they could easily fall into the frigid water themselves.

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