UVA Student Wants Government To Raise Children And Families Banned

The statists have been at war with the nuclear family since the 1930s.  You might as well throw out the civil society while you’re at it.   This column piece sounds like a creepy Agenda 21 program, or a leftover remnant of Hillary Clinton’s lifelong campaign.

I hate to use the Nazis to make a point in a day and age where everyone who disagrees with a left-wing statist is labeled a Nazi, but didn’t the Nazi SS steal a bunch of children from their families to create an Aryan super-race?  I think at this point I personally can say, ’nuff said.

H/T The Daily Caller

A UVA student recently published a column in the student newspaper in which he insisted upon the eradication of the American family to establish a more equal society.

“A society without the typical household structure may decrease inequality,” wrote Ryan Gorman in a column titled “Phase out the American family” in the The Cavalier Daily, an independent student paper at UVA.

The piece starts off with all the “paradoxes” in America.

“[America] was founded on a series of liberal principles, yet it ceaselessly revokes freedoms from the nonconforming and underprivileged,” said Gorman. “It boasts of a fluid and exceptional social mobility, yet its laws perpetuate a culture of inheritance, inequality and general selfishness.”

Gorman defines the American family as “the culture of decentralized guardianship that necessarily breeds context-based inequalities.”

“What if the context of one’s ‘nurture’ was phased out from the equation and ‘nature’ played the near-exclusive role in determining success and stratification?” asked Gorman, making a counter-argument to what he framed as fiscal conservatism’s belief that innovation derives from inequality.

Gorman argues that allowing “an expansive bureaucracy” to raise America’s children will have more pros than cons. Benefits, in his opinion, would include striking “disproportionate costs” of childrearing on middle and lower class individuals, as well as alleviating hardships like malnutrition.

“Legislators should consider whether childrearing should be conducted exclusively by the state, as opposed to providing parents with a choice to forgo their responsibilities,” opined the student.

“Once such a model is implemented, I believe that political polarization will no longer augmented by the “nature versus nurture” argument, and equality of opportunity will be a precursor to (rather than an objective of) public policy.”

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