Juanita Broaddrick Responds To Chelsea Clinton Tweet And OMG Is It Good!

There are evil people in this world. People who do evil things for their own benefit, enjoyment, or sense of satisfaction.  The Clintons are evil people.  Bill and Hillary Clinton did evil things for over 40 years,  and liberals expect us to overlook their dirty deeds because of their public service.  The Clintons are now grooming their daughter Chelsea to run for Congress in New York. This is why Chelsea is trying to be clever on Twitter in an effort to make herself more visible to the electorate.

Unfortunately for Chelsea she doesn’t have her father’s charm or her mother’s brains.  But she may be just as evil.  After all, she is a Clinton.

H/T The Daily Caller

Juanita Broaddrick told Chelsea Clinton that her father is “horrifying, sick and awful.”

“I need a thesaurus,” Clinton tweeted this week with a link to a story about an illegal immigrant who was detained while trying to obtain a protective order against her domestic abuser. “What’s another word for horrifying? Sick? Awful? Running out of adjectives these days that mean unconscionably terrible.”

Broaddrick — the Arkansas woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 — responded, “Well, since you asked, Here’s my definition of horrifying, sick & awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton.”

Though Broaddrick later claimed that Clinton deleted her tweet, it was still up when this article was posted.


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