READ An Open Letter To The Trump Family

‘Many American families see through the media’s bias and lies about you,’ says this husband and father

(Never forget that there are tens of millions of us out there across the fruited plains who feel the exact same way as commemorated in this family’s letter to The First Family)

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The weeks since the inauguration have been turbulent for you. Fake news, biased journalists, and outright lies have perpetuated negative coverage of your entire family. After watching the media’s defense of — and fawning over — the Obamas for eight years, many Americans are quite troubled by the striking contrast in how you have been treated.

My own family has discussed this many times, and this has led me to express our feelings of gratitude and admiration to all of you in a public way. So many American families see through the bias and lies, and we want you to know we are out here, pulling for you.

First, to President Donald J. Trump — thank you. Your candidacy and subsequent presidency have given hope to the tens of millions of us who felt like we were losing our country. After watching the previous administration’s “hope and change,” seeing a leader who wants to restore and celebrate America’s greatness again is refreshing.

I don’t need to tell you how our country is struggling economically — and it seemed to many Americans that what we needed to get the country back on track was a businessman. Only career politicians think the best way to get us out of debt is to borrow and spend more money.

Mr. President, we are sorry for the way you and your family have been treated. No matter what you attempt to do for this country, you will continue to be vilified. From the beginning of your candidacy, you have pledged to fix what is wrong with our government: Obamacare; corrupt government officials and departments; a failing Veterans Administration and its hospitals; denial of American exceptionalism; and the withdrawal of our leadership worldwide. And let’s not forget ridiculously executed foreign agreements that never should have been accepted — and a burdensome tax system.

You face an uphill battle and have many opposing your goals for our country. They only care about stopping you from succeeding — which means stopping America from succeeding.

To our first lady Melania Trump — thank you. Your grace, strength, and class are very inspiring to young women across the country and around the world. The fact that you are an immigrant who went through the citizenship process correctly should shine a light for others who would love the opportunity to one day become an American. Our family is also very sorry for the way you have been portrayed by both the media and so-called comedians, who merely try to gain a laugh from gutter humor. Your accent, which reflects your heritage, should be celebrated, not mocked. The fact that you speak multiple languages reflects your intelligence and education.

To the Trump children, I would also like to express my family’s appreciation. Thank you for sharing your father and your lives with us. The fact that your entire family has been exposed to mockery — simply for being related to a brilliant businessman who has attained the top office in our nation — is somehow ignored. You lived comfortable lives before the election, yet you accepted the responsibility of becoming our First Family. Although the children of past presidents have been left alone, somehow those who oppose your father — including the media — feel it is OK to criticize, rant about, or outright insult you.

I would like to specifically speak to two siblings.

Barron, please accept our sincerest apologies for the way some people have spoken about you. Someday, you will learn to ignore those who are jealous of you. Please continue to just live your life, study hard and enjoy being a kid, as much as you can. Rest assured that you have a father who is helping to restore our country’s strength and power.

Ivanka, we respect and admire your business sense, your strength, and your commitment to your own growing family. We see the irony of the liberals and the leftists attacking you, while at the same time condemning those who attack and denigrate other women. You should be held up as an example to girls all around the country. Creating and running your own clothing and beauty line, while at the same time raising a family, is a tremendous feat and great accomplishment. We ask that you ignore the media, the ignorant department stores who drop your products, and those who criticize you at every turn.

The last decade has been tough for many people, Mr. President, but we families all around the country continue to do what we can. All that we ask of you is that you fulfill your promises. Although that will probably not silence your critics, understand that it will continue to expand public support for you.

Please trust that we, the American people, see through the smears, lies, and bias of the mainstream media.

Ignore them — like We The People do — and get the job done.

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