Cocky MMA Fighter Gets Knocked The F##k Out! [VIDEO]

It just goes to show how serious this sport is. You act like an a-hole for two seconds and you could find your ass on the canvas.

H/T The LADbible

This will fill you with joy, mirth, merriment and remind you of your mate who always likes to show off but is actually just a massive chancer who can’t pull anything off in life.

MMA fighter Joe Harding decided to do a little shimmy. A little, ‘look at me, I’d dead good and I wanna show off’.

You can take a guess what happens next but, in the meantime, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.


Knocked. The. Fuck. Down. Mate.

Joe, from Colchester in Essex (what’s that about stereotypes?) decided that he’d spice things up a bit at BCMMA 18, an amateur level fight, in his home county against Johan Segas, who high kicked him in the jaw and saw him go flying.

Initially it meant that Joe needed medical treatment, but thankfully he was ok after that, and probably learned a lesson or two at the same time.


There’s this fighter, who asked his opponent to hit him again, duly getting knocked out and also this man, who gets the Ozzy man treatment for his cockiness.

This is exceptionally satisfying.


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