Suspended Cop’s Sex Video Showed Clerk More Than a Nightstick

The overwhelming majority of police in this country are good, honest people who work hard to protect us. It is true that unfortunately one turd in the bunch can ruin it for all cops as people then believe that all cops do what the turds do. They do not.

Bad cops are a dangerous thing, because on the street they are the law. Repercussions happen after the fact, and by that time a bad cop can cause a lot of damage.

H/T Law Newz

A store clerk in Tennessee says a cop pressured her for sexual pictures, put his hands on her, and even showed video of himself masturbating. This got Officer Frank Geisenhoffer suspended two weeks without pay by the South Carthage Police Department. He’s currently in the middle of a year-long probation.

“Everything about Frank is scary, but it’s even more scary because he has a badge,” store clerk Elizabeth Restropo told News Channel 5 in a Monday report.

She said Geisenhoffer visited her at work early in the morning. The on-duty officer allegedly asked for naked pictures of herself, pictures of her sister’s breasts, “t—–s,’ and even showed her video himself masturbating.

Afraid of him, she apparently started recording his visits.

“Dude, I can get myself off,” he reportedly said about the masturbation video. “You know. In fact, you’ve seen me get myself off. And I erased that too, by the way.”

She also said Geisenhoffer once touched her.

“Grabbed my hair and just laid it like that,” she said, signaling at her breasts.

The outlet asked her if she ever told him to stop it. She said she didn’t.

“Maybe because of who he is,” she said. “Maybe because of the things I know about Frank. Maybe because I was scared. Maybe because I didn’t know what to do. He’s an officer of the law.”

Restrepo filed a complaint with the department in December, leading to the suspension and probation. Geisenhoffer reportedly admitted the behavior to his chief, but claimed Restrepo shared pictures before he did. She denied that allegation when News Channel 5 talked to her about it.  Geisenhoffer declined comment to News Channel 5. We reached out to the police department for follow up.

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