Your Dollar Bills Could Be Worth Thousands, Here’s What You NEED To Look For…

Few would argue that dollar bills are the pennies of the paper money world. We often consider them practically useless unless we’re riding the bus or need to make change for a parking meter or laundry. I even know people who won’t bother to stop in the street to pick up a stray dollar bill blowing in the wind.

But what if I told you that those dollar bills in your wallet or drawer could be worth $5,000 or $10,000 or even $15,000. Would you look at them differently? Would you give them a second chance?

Unless you’re Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, of course, you would – and they probably would too because they understand that every dollar counts. While this guy spent his entire life picking up pennies only to make a few thousand bucks, he could have focused on collecting dollar bills and made so much more in one shot.

How can you get rich off a $1? It all has to do with the serial numbers printed on it. While every serial number has the same probability of being printed, some come in unique patterns. Scroll down to learn more about this…

You probably already know that a Powerball drawing of 14, 20, 42,49, 66, 05 is just as likely as 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06.

While there is an exactly equal chance that both of those numbers could come up in the random drawing, our human minds ascribe more value to the ordered sequence. The same goes for the serial numbers on dollar bills. And some collectors are willing to pay big bucks to get their hands on certain serial number sequences.

Although the serial numbers are not completely random, like a lottery drawing, they do have random characteristics that make it possible that you have an extremely valuable dollar in your pocket right now. Go on. Check. I’ll wait… published an entire list of the serial numbers on dollar bills that they’re willing to pay tons of money to obtain. They will hand over hundreds and sometimes even thousands for a dollar bill with the right serial number.

The website has published their “want list” which you can download by visiting their site.

What are some things they’re looking for?

-7 in a row of the same number like 29999999
-7 of the same number 99990999
-Super radars like 01111110, 10000001, or 80000008
-Repeaters like 67676767
-Double quads like 11110000
-0 and 9 binaries like 00090000
-1 and 8 binaries like 81188118
-And more!

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