Extreme Body Modification Artist, Cuts Off Pinky Finger For ‘Great New Look’ [PHOTOS]

A WOMAN who once sliced off her tattoo with a scalpel and sent it to her ex-boyfriend has now chopped off the end of her pinky finger.
Torz Reynolds, 30, from Essex, says she cut off the end of her little finger with bolt cutters just because she “wanted to”.

nintchdbpict000304245010The body piercer and modification artist has now share gruesome photographs of her severed hand on Facebook and Instagram.

Torz insists there is “no deeper meaning” behind the bizarre act, and she thought about doing it for a while as it would “look good”.


She has gushed online about how happy she is with her new-look hand, writing: “Healing so well and totally love it!”
Torz admitted it did hurt but she has no ongoing pain, and claims she went straight back to work.

She added that she doesn’t care if people dislike the look or don’t understand her actions.


She commented: “I do these things for myself. It’s not hurting ANYBODY else.

“I chose to document them on Facebook because I want to share the experience with my friends.

“Do you have to understand it? No. Do you have to like it? No.
“Do you have to be offended by it? No. Do you have to follow my page and look at it? No.


“All reactions to my life choices are valid but remember they are only valid to you.”

Many of her Facebook followers have slammed her decisions as “foolish”, “disgusting” and “stupid”, while others advised her to go and see a doctor.

Some social media users have asked to see a video of her chopping off her finger to verify that it actually happened.

Torz confirmed to The Sun Online that has has sliced off part of her finger.
While her latest stunt is shocking – Torz is no stranger to gory body modification.


She previously sliced a tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name off her forearm, after hearing he had cheated on her.

In 2014, she learnt that ex Stuart ‘Chopper’ May had been living with another woman for six months, despite telling her he was moving to Alaska for work.
She had previously inked herself with a tattoo that said ‘Chopper’s B****’ but as soon as she heard of his betrayal she decided she wanted it off her skin.

nintchdbpict000069546439It took her more than an hour to carefully hack the skin from her arm.

She then used a pair of dissection tweezers to peel the skin back.

Afterwards, the remnants of the inking were put in a jar, wrapped up with a bow and sent via recorded delivery to her former lover

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