He Takes Old Blanket to Antique Show. But Learns What It’s Worth, Wipes Away Tears In Utter SHOCK [WATCH]

It’s not too often you get to watch someone become instantly rich. In 2001, Tucson, Arizona hosted The Antique Roadshow on PBS and it turned up one of the most incredible finds in the show’s history.

An elderly gentleman, Ted, brought in a blanket that had been, “Hanging on the back of a chair.” The background he was told was that the blanket had been given to his grandmother’s foster dad by none other than Kit Carson.

Kit Carson was a famous frontiersman, guide, U.S. Army officer and Indian agent. The item was a Navajo Chief blanket, described as a Ute First Phase, circa 1850,  that was made from hand woven wool.

Ted never had the blanket appraised. It’s worth knowing before you view the video that Ted came from generations of “poor farmers.”

It’s obvious he had no idea his life was about to change. It really seems like it couldn’t have happened to a nicer fellow.

Those tears of joy are authentic. “I’m amazed, flabbergasted,” he exclaims.

You have to be so happy for the gentleman. It had to be exciting for the appraiser as well.

“When you walked in, I just about died,” said Donald Ellis. He seemed happier than anyone (except Ted) about the discovery.

It’s a sure bet that many people who view this will check what is hanging on the back of their chairs. Perhaps it will lead to a “Roadshow” appearance.

In 2012, there was another gentleman who was affected even more because of a similar blanket. The man had a leg amputated due to an accident and was struggling on disability.

He saw the Roadshow video and realized he had a blanket just like it. His blanket went to bid via John Moran Auctioneers and the high offer was $1,500,000. Wow!

It’s amazing that a moment in time, 175 years ago can have such an effect on lives today. The back of your closet might be worth a good looking over; you never know.

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