She Thought Her Boyfriend Was Snoring, When She Turned On The Light He Was Purple [VIDEO]

A young woman who kicked her boyfriend out of bed because his loud snores woke her up was horrified to discover that the noises were actually his dying breaths.

The couple had previously been told Mr Little's condition was 'low risk' after he was diagnosed with Brugada a year before his death
The couple had previously been told Mr Little’s condition was ‘low risk’ after he was diagnosed with Brugada a year before his death

Lisa Lee says she had been assured by medics that her partner Lewis Little, who suffered from a rare heart condition which causes an abnormal heartbeat, would live a ‘long and healthy life’.

The mother of one, pictured with Tyler and Mr Little, added she was 'naive' to think nothing would happen to her partner
The mother of one added she was ‘naive’ to think nothing would happen to Mr Little, left and right, and has called for more patients to be given the option of a defibrillator

Mr Little, 25, of Northumberland, was diagnosed as a ‘low risk’ sufferer only for his heart to stop in the middle of the night.

The snoring sound his partner heard was actually the air leaving his body and passing through the vocal chords.

The mother-of-one has now started a petition to get people with the rare condition fitted with an internal defibrillator (ICD), which restarts the heart and she believes would have saved his life.

Miss Lee, also 25, said: ‘We were told that Lewis would have a long, happy and healthy life – but he died one year after diagnosis.

‘When we were in bed I just thought he was snoring, so I kicked him out of the bed and told him to shut up.

‘But I felt that the sheets were wet and knew something was wrong. I turned the lights on and his face was purple – he wasn’t breathing.

‘I called an ambulance and it felt like it took forever. They pronounced him dead at the hospital.

‘I later found out that the snoring sound was the air leaving his body. Losing Lewis has destroyed me and our son Tyler.

‘I believe being fitted with an ICD would have saved my partner’s life.

‘I want people with the same condition to have the choice, low risk or high to have an ICD fitted.

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