‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Lives Up To Her Reputation, Finds Herself in Yet Another Brawl [VIDEO]

This past year, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli rose to internet fame after her appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show” when she told the entire audience to meet her outside, so she could fight them.

With this comment, the “Cash Me Outside” meme was born:

While Danielle appeared to fade from the limelight, she reappeared last month when a video surfaced of her in fisticuffs with an adult passenger on a plane at a LAX airport.

And it appears as though Danielle isn’t ready to hang up her boxing gloves just yet.

A new video released by TMZ featured the 13-year-old outside of a bar in Lake Worth, Florida, Saturday night.

Danielle and two of her friends, who also appear to be teens, are depicted wildly shouting at a group of individuals.

According to reports, the teens were walking by when a people started heckling them, repeating Danielle’s infamous catch phrase. Danielle apparently played along for a little, where she even charged people $10 bucks for a photo with her.

However, it wasn’t long before the teen became annoyed with the people taunting her and paying her to get her photo that she started yelling back at them.

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