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A Celebrated Gay Man Advocating Pedophilia With No Repercussions? [VIDEO]

This is shocking. Why is a man who can laugh about such things given a public platform?

Thirteen years old. And they all think it’s wonderful. This is an outrage.


Why is it okay for a prominent gay man to boast about pedophilia, even calling when it happened to him a, ‘delicious‘ encounter, while another prominent gay man talks about the same subject in the abstract (not that that makes it any better, folks) and his world crashes in on him; he loses a book deal, winds up resigning from his job, and everybody treats him like a pariah?

Answer: Because George Takei is a liberal prominent gay man and Milo Yiannopoulos is a conservative prominent gay man. Got that? George Takei, a man who was actually involved in a pedophile relationship a celebrated hero of the gay community, and Mile Yiannopoulos, a filthy pedophile criminal.

If you think the gay community is f’d up, look at how differently the rest of the world is treating two prominent gay men talking about pedophilia.

H/T The Daily Caller

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