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Daily Caller Gets Question At Trump Presser, Liberal Reporters Lose Their Collective Minds [VIDEO]

If you want see liberal journalists have a mental meltdown, don’t treat them as important as they think they are.

H/T The Daily Caller

MSNBC and CNN heavily criticized The Daily Caller following President Trump’s Monday press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Kaitlan Collins, TheDC’s White House correspondent, asked Trump and Trudeau a question at the press conference, for which she received a mountain of hate from journalists on television and Twitter.

Immediately following the event, MSNBC’s Brian Williams noted there is “no shortage of tough and fair journalists” in the White House press corps, “but they weren’t called on.”



“There is no shortage of tough and fair journalists in that room,” Katy Tur agreed. “The ones that we saw that were both tough and fair, that were called on today, came from the Canadian side.”

“What we got from the White House — the reporters the White House hand chose, a Daily Caller reporter and a Sinclair broadcasting reporter — were two of what you could call softball questions,” she continued. “Where the reporter asked what is the biggest national security threat a month into this administration.”

“It is remarkable that Donald Trump was not asked about General Flynn. It’s remarkable because he did not call on somebody where that could be a possible question.”

Wolf Blitzer voiced similar opinions on CNN.


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