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Oscar Voter Liberal Moron Meryl Streep Played Part Like a Clown

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed an Academy Award voter on who they think deserves awards for the various categories and the one item that brought a smile to my face was when the voter said that Streep played her part like a clown.  I admit I was confused.  I didn’t know if the voter was talking about her role in Florence Foster Jenkins, a movie which if it’s called horrible could be construed as a compliment, or her acceptance speech where she played the victim after she ranted on about President trump and made a complete ass of herself.

The same voter says that La La land which has 7 nominations is not memorable and that Arrival just sucks.  She/He does believe that Emma Stone will win the Best Actress Award although that wasn’t the voter’s choice.


From The Daily Mail:

In an interview, this voter told The Hollywood Reporter what her choices would be within each nominated category – and her predictions for who will take the Oscar next Friday. 

The Hollywood Reporter said the review is not meant to be scientific in any way, just the ‘candid, un-sugarcoated opinions of one member’. For context, they include the average total number of Oscar voters – which is about 6,687. 

To become an Oscar voter, one must be a film artist currently working in ‘production of theatrically-released motion pictures’. 

Under this category, the voter said she believes Emma Stone will win for La La Land, 'because she's adorable and people love her'

Nominees Andrew Garfield, for Hacksack, and Ryan Gosling, for La La Land, were both ‘very good but not Oscar-level,’ she said.

The voter was more harsh in discussing the nominees for Best Actress, saying that she did not like any of the women for the award.

She begrudgingly cast her vote for Ruth Negga in Loving, who plays the wife in a real-life drama about a couple in Virginia arrested for their interracial marriage.

Under this category, the voter said she believes Emma Stone will win for La La Land, ‘because she’s adorable and people love her,’ and that Meryl Streep played her role in Florence Foster Jenkins ‘like a clown’.


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