Students Stand Up For Religious Freedom After Being Bullied To Break A 70yr Tradition, Crowd Rises To Feet [WATCH]

Reported by Faithit- Tradition is something that East Liverpool High School students hold dear. So when administration officials informed seniors that “The Lord’s Prayer” was to be cut from their graduation ceremony, after seven decades of being part of the program, students took things into their own hands! They weren’t about to let this important tradition die so suddenly…


It all began when the Freedom From Religion Foundation said the prayer was a violation of the Constitution and promoted religion inside of a school. Worried that the foundation would take them to court, school officials dropped the prayer and informed the students that it wasn’t going to happen in their graduation ceremony – even though it had been performed by East Liverpool students for more than 70 years.

Instead of taking it on the chin, the students gathered and devised a secret plan. They were going to sing “The Lord’s Prayer” without the school’s approval! Not only would doing so keep their tradition alive, but since the school didn’t organize the performance, they couldn’t be brought to court over the prayer! When graduation day rolled around, the students were ready to sing. Watch their moving performance of “The Lord’s Prayer” for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. What a special group of students!


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