WALMART RAMPAGE: Security Footage Shows Out Of Control Teens Destroying Store [VIDEO]

Being a parent is difficult. You have to always be on your A-game and be one step ahead of your kids. This means that you need to be rested enough and aware enough to keep track of your life and your child’s life. It is tiring! But if you want to raise a good human who can contribute to society when they are older, it’s an important part of the process.

But some parents just don’t have the ambition or desire to do right by their children. Instead, they allow them to do anything they wish and don’t discipline them. Sometimes this happens because parents are so busy working multiple jobs to keep the family fed. Other times it is laziness.

As you’ll see in the security footage from a Walmart in Macon, Georgia, a group of renegade children have their will on the retail store. The group of two dozen out of control teenagers sprint through the halls and knock items off the shelves. Other customers are forced to stand aside as the stampeded destroys the store. Where are their parents when they need them?

The group of young people keeps coming. It seems to be an endless throng of them coming into Walmart at the same time. It is unclear why they have all diverged onto the retail superstore at the same time, but it is clear that they mean to be destructive.

The YouTube video, which was uploaded in the summer of 2015 by William Bastone, shares the following as a description:

Nearly one million people have tuned in to watch the nearly 7-minutes of rampage caught on camera. Here are some of the viewers’ comments:

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