What Do You See In This Optical Illusion? Duck? Or…. Your Answer Reveals These Facts About You

At first glance, you’ve either seen a duck or a bunny, and the answer was likely quite obvious. But the real question isn’t necessarily which did you see first. It’s: are you able to perceive both?

This optical illusion surfaced in 1892 inside a German magazine. The image was entitled, ‘Kaninchen und Ente’ (Rabbit and Duck). Recently, it’s made a reemergence on the internet and people are fascinated by it.

According to psychologist, Dr. Joseph Jastrow – if you’re able to see both images, it means you’re more creative than much of the general population. The faster you can flip between the images, the more creative you are.


Jaw-dropping bodypaint optical illusion time lapse

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