14yo Girl Calls Police Asking Them To Put Her In Handcuffs After She Fatally Shot Her Father In The Face

(Scroll down for video) Students were surprised to hear that their classmate who was a happy and fun-loving girl, killed her father.

14-year-old Mariah Ponder of Ohio, told a 911 dispatcher that she shot her father, 71-year-old James Allen Ponder, in the face.

She grabbed the gun, loaded it and shot her father. She then left the gun in the bedroom and she left the home.

She went outside and called police. Mariah called 911 just before 7:00 a.m., and told dispatchers that she shot her father while he mother was at work and her five siblings were out of the home.

In the 911 call, the teenager was heard crying as she asked the dispatcher to send officers. She said: “Can someone come and put me in handcuffs?”

When the 911 dispatcher asked why she wanted to be put in handcuffs, Mariah said: “I just shot my dad.”

When asked why she did it, Mariah did not give a reason. She just said “I don’t know.”

Mariah was charged with aggravated murder. For now, she is being held in juvenile detention center. Prosecutors will decide whether she will face charges as an adult.

Police said that James was still alive when they arrived on the scene at Millville Avenue in Hamilton, but he died at the hospital.

Sergeant Brian Robinson said that detectives are interviewing family members to determine exactly what happened and what led to the shooting.

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