This Feminist Distrusts Men So Much She Won’t Even Allow Her Father To Babysit His Grandbaby

No Man Is Allowed To Babysit This Mom’s Children, Including Men Family Members [WATCH]

All mothers have this natural instinct to protect their offspring no matter what. In this crazy and dangerous world we live in, it’s only reasonable to be protective over our children even when it means going way over the norms.

Kasey Edwards, a mother of 2, from Melbourne has started a rather interesting exchange of opinions when she stated that she refuses to allow any man to babysit her kids. The author and blogger is not willing to risk her children to be exposed to sexual abuse from possible sex offenders. She follows a strict rule of no man, other than his husband and one male teacher, is allowed to babysit her daughters¬†and that’s including her own father, men family members, and close male friends.




Others took their concern to social media, protesting Edwards was exaggerated stating that women can be just as bad as men but others applaud the mother of 2 and said each and every parent are entitled to however they want to protect their children.

Despite the negative reactions, the¬†Australian mother thinks it’s only logical to keep men from aiding his children since most sexual offenders are in the male gender. Sticking to this stern rule also avoids creating assumptions of whether a family member or a close friend is a potential sex offender since Edwards is basing on a horrifying statistics that most sexual abuse cases are all caused by known men in a child’s life. Applying the rule makes it easier and safer for their family.


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