Woman Sees Small Animal Drowning in Pool, Uses CPR and Saves Baby Deer [WATCH]

A video surfaced on New Year’s Day of an incredibly compassionate and quick-thinking doctor jumping in to save a baby deer in distress. The fawn somehow managed to wander into her yard and fall into the swimming pool. Instantly, the poor animal began to drown. The doctor reacted, taking the fawn out of the pool before administering CPR.


Luckily for the fawn, the woman who owned the pool happened to be a doctor, and so she knew exactly what to do when disaster struck.

Alternating between trying to get a heartbeat back and doing some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the woman at one point even held the little animal upside down, as if to let some of the water out.

Eventually, after around eight minutes of CPR, the baby deer coughed and spluttered its way back to life.


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