TRAGEDY: Mother Leaves To Buy Detegerent, 6 Minutes Later Her 3-Year-Old Twins Are Nowhere To Be Found

A family in India has been left absolutely devastated after their 3-year-old twin boys accidentally drowned inside a washing machine at home.

According to the Indian Express, the two little boys, boys, named Nishant and Nakshya, had only been left alone for a few minutes when the tragic accident happened.

The children’s parents reportedly spent more than 30 minutes searching for them at their home in Rohini, Delhi, before discovering their bodies on Saturday.

The boys’ mother, Rakhi, had reportedly filled the washing machine earlier that day before leaving the twins to play on their own around 12:30 p.m.

According to the Hindustan Times, the mother had left the home for just a moment to buy some detergent.

When Rakhi returned home about “six minutes later,” she could not find the boys and a neighbor immediately called the police.

The children’s father, Ravinder, reportedly rushed home to help look for the children and soon found them in the washing machine.

“Mr Ravinder immediately took the children to a nearby family hospital where doctors declared them dead,” a senior police official told IANS news agency. “Shocked father could not believe and took [the children] to Jaipur Golden Hospital where doctors declared them dead.”

The mother later told investigators that she left a pile of clothes next to the washing machine.

According to The Independent, police believe the children may have climbed on top of the clothes to get on top of the washing machine.

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