Woman Just Days Away From Wedding Calls It Off After Discovering Her Fiance’s TRUE Identity

A Texas woman has called off her wedding after realizing the man she was about to marry was a Tinder love rat. Stephanie Hoskins, 23, was set to marry an Australian man she knew as Brett Goodman in Parker, Texas on March 31.

Hoskins had bought her dress and she was ready to walk down the aisle at Southfork Ranch – the setting for the original Dallas series – in just a few weeks. But she then discovered her soon-to-be husband was not the wealthy oil exploration worker he had claimed to be.

Goodman was actually an unemployed accused conman named Brett Joseph who has allegedly defrauded dozens of women back in Australia in similar circumstances.

The pair had met on dating site Plenty of Fish back in November. After dating for only a few months, the 29-year-old asked her to marry him.

‘My father is very ill, he has stage four cancer… so Brett used that to push the wedding along sooner,’ Hoskins said. ‘We had our whole wedding planned. I bought a dress, and my parents had purchased a bridesmaid dress for my best friend.’

Hoskins’ parents were excited about their daughter’s nuptials and helped set up a page on a wedding planning site.

Hoskins said she never suspected anything until Joseph started pushing to get legally married at a courthouse before their scheduled big day so he could get a jump start on his spouse visa and green card process.

They went to the local registry to get their marriage license when she claims he told her the legal paperwork would need to be under Brett Joseph, which unbeknownst to her was his real name.

Hoskins ran a Google search on her fiance’s real name before they were legally married.

She discovered his alleged love rat past back in Australia, which had been covered extensively through various news reports and a website set up by one of his previous lovers Daisy Armstrong.

Hoskins immediately kicked Joseph out of her apartment and contacted police. She has since accused him of just trying to get an American visa.

Joseph told Dallas Morning News via email that he had come to the U.S. to be with Hoskins. He denies using her father’s illness to convince Hoskins to marry him.

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