Bar Owner Calls Cab For Drunk Man, But Was Horrified At What Was Found In His Car [WATCH]

A man from Wisconsin is now facing serious charges after he allegedly forgot his 2 month old daughter locked inside his car while he went out drinking.

According to reports, security camera caught Merriet Cox pulling into the parking lot of the Redliner Bar in Menasha. Cox was seen acting impaired by someone who was working behind the bar that night.

Theresa Gietman, bar employee, recalls how Cox was all over the place,

“A gentleman came in. I didn’t get the impression that he was over served or drunk at all so I did end up serving him,” Gietman said. “He was bouncing off the walls going to the restroom,” she added.

Cox was so intoxicated that he fell from the bar stool at some point. Gietman then called the bar owner for assistance to handle the situation.

Ken Zastrow, owner,  came in to call a cab for Cox. While Zastrow was calling cab companies,  Cox had asked him to send somebody outside to check on “his girl,” who was in his car.

When they went to check the vehicle, a 2 month old girl was allegedly locked inside the car.

“I couldn’t believe somebody would do that,” says Gietman. “I was crying and shaking. We were trying to get him to bring her into the bar.”

Fortunately, Gietman and another bar patron managed to convince the father to bring the newborn inside the bar.

Cox did not seem to want to let go of his daughter but eventually handed the baby to Menasha Police Officer Tony Edwards.

The newborn is now reportedly in her mother’s care who was at that time working. Cox is now facing child neglect and bail jumping charges for leaving his 2-month-old daughter out in the car during the bitter snowstorm.

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