Heroic Mother Straps Newborn Into Car Seat Before Throwing Her Out The Window [WATCH]

A heroic mom from Wyoming, Illinois dies a hero when their home was set on fire. Shelby Carter, 21, strapped her newborn daughter, Keana Davis, into her car seat before throwing her out the window from their second-story house.

Volunteer firefighters responded to a call from a woman who said she was inside a burning house and is having difficulties in breathing. The woman did not mention that there was a child with her.


When firefighters arrived in the scene,  they had moved a pile of carpet on the ground so they could climb a ladder to the second-floor window. It appears that broken window was from Carter breaking it open and throwing the car seat out. When the firefighters moved the carpet, that’s when they found the car seat and found Keana Davis.

“I guess it’s the motherly instinct to take care of their young. We’re all wondering why she didn’t go out after the baby.” Ed Foglesonger, chief of the volunteer fire department said.


They found Carter’s body in a room on the second floor. She died of smoke inhalation, according to the Peoria Journal.

The newborn, who was born just 12 days before the accident, was rushed to a nearby hospital, she has since then been released and is being taken care for by relatives.

According to Foglesonger, Carter and her daughter lived at home with her mom and fiance who were not home at the time. The cause of the fire has not been determined.

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