Security Cam Footage Capture HILARIOUS Moments People Miss When They Are Not Around [VIDEO]

From slips and falls, to dancing dogs, the 2017 Nestie Awards show security cameras capture the entertaining moments most homeowners miss when they are not around.

The home automation company, Nest, released its most hilarious user-submitted footage from their home installations.

In the series of 15 short clips, users have captured curious bears sneaking around their yard, clever dogs jumping over fences, spooky moments in their kitchens, and hilarious mishaps.

Receiving the Nestie for best fall, one clip shows the funny-but-painful moment a man takes a hard hit as he slips while walking up the steps of his porch with his groceries.

The security camera also caught a moment that would have been too bizarre to believe. The best breakthrough performance Nestie was given to a clip in which a father accidentally breaks through the ceiling with his foot while his children are napping on the couch below.

Watch the video below:

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