Here Is How A Crazy Taylor Swift Stalker Terrorized Her For Years


Mohammed Jaffar – was arrested on March 6 for stalking and burglary after having allegedly followed the ‘Bad Blood’ hitmaker for months, but TMZ reports that he has been sending Taylor messages online since 2014.

And his messages in February 2017, revealed that he had been to her apartment building in New York, with one message saying: “security guard in your lobby today prevented us from sharing” candy.

He also tweeted her on February 16 to say: “I need to meet you tonight”.

According to the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column, Mohammed, 29, had been lingering around her home in Tribeca, New York City, for the past three months in order to land a face-to-face meeting with the star.

Court papers state that Mohammed started his campaign in December when he arrived at her home and asked for a meeting with Taylor, 27, before being turned away.

He then allegedly turned up to her building four more times in the space of two months, with the most recent visit taking place on February 15.

Documents also claim that on one visit to the ‘Shake It Off’ singer’s home, Mohammed rang the doorbell to the building for “an hour straight” in an attempt to get her attention. When no-one answered, the documents allege he returned the next day to try again, this time ringing for approximately 45 minutes.

It was also alleged that on February 6, Mohammed managed to find his way into Taylor’s apartment building, and was captured on CCTV footage lingering in the hallway outside her penthouse apartment door.

During this time, he was reportedly also seen on the building’s roof between 10am to 2pm, according to the court papers.

Not content with the in-person approaches, the court documents also claim Mohammed made a whopping 59 calls to the ‘Blank Space’ musician’s management team between January 27 and February 16, where he allegedly demanded a meeting with the pop megastar.

Mohammed is currently being held on a $20,000 bond, and Judge David Frey has reportedly signed off on an order of protection which prevents him from having any contact with Taylor.

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