SHOCKING Footage Shows Huge Brawl Break Out Involving Over 30 Men [RAW VIDEO]

A massive brawl involving about 30 people broke out in a small village in the UK. One bystander, fortunately, captured the free-for-all and posted it for the world to witness.

According to the Mirror, The brawl broke out in Borrowdale Close with groups of dark-shirted men clashing in the middle of the road. Shouts and screams can be heard as the gangs face up to each other and one man is seen running down the cul-de-sac to get involved in the dust-up.

Seconds later, another man is sent sprawling to the pavement as fists fly and the gangs are then seen racing up and down the street as the man filming the action from a nearby garden struggles to hold the camera still.

The footage was captured at around 3pm yesterday and has already been viewed hundreds of times after being uploaded to Facebook.

Watch the video:

Source: Mirror.UK

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