2 Men BRUTALLY Assaulted Restaurant Manager Because He Wouldn’t Give Them Free PIZZA [WATCH]

Garret Peterson, 33, suffered severe head injuries after he was attacked outside the Thunder Burgrz Pizza at Huntington Beach on Sunday. The brutal attack started when Peterson did give the two men free pizza. They waited outside the restaurant for him, before pulling him into an alley and beating him until he was unconscious.

A security guard that works nearby saw Peterson lying on the ground, rushed over to help. He also spotted and grabbed a man who he believed to be one of the attackers.


Authorities of the Huntington Beach Police Department responded to the scene and arrested Bryce Anthony Mezich, 21, and Austin Wright Callan, 22, both from Anaheim. Both were booked on felony assault with serious bodily injury and misdemeanor fighting in public.

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