Judge Dismisses Mother’s Case After Talking To Her Six Year Old Daughter

A Providence judge dismissed a parking violation case for one mother after her daughter said she was hungry spending the day in court. Judge Caprio is well known as a tough judge, but he’s also a fair and compassionate one too. After hearing this mother pleading her case as to why she parked on a sidewalk, the judge seemed more interested in her six year old little girl. HE called her up to the front and asked her how she would charge her mother if she were the judge in this case. After hearing that she was hungry, Judge Caprio decided to dismiss the case let them go get some food instead!

This is a truly great story of the pride and compassion many judges have in our great country. It’s not only their job to uphold the law, but also to be fair and thoughtful to each individuals conditions in life and the circumstances of the case at hand. Judge Caprio did a fantastic job of doing just that in this case. Great job Judge Caprio!

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Judge Charges Mom For Parking Violation, Then Changes His Mind When Daughter Says She’s Starving

Judge Frank Caprio knows that his job isn’t just about upholding the law, but about being fair and just when examining one’s circumstances. Even when drivers are in the wrong and violate the rules of the road, he takes into consideration the fact that we are all human, and that we all make mistakes!

Drivers who end up in his courtroom don’t always experience their desired outcome, but many have known his kindness. Check out how he decided to charge this woman who parked two minutes before the allowed time or this woman who clearly ran a red light because she was distracted.

This time, as seen on Caught in Providence, a mom shows up in court with her two daughters because she failed to pay a $100 parking ticket and the subsequent fines.

When she stands before Judge Caprio, she tries defending her decision to park on the sidewalk, but he’s more interested in her 6-year-old daughter!

He even calls her up to the bench, asking her questions about herself and what she wants to be when she’s older.

But the most surprising moment during the trial comes when he asks the little girl to help him charge her own mother. And when she tells him that she’s hungry after spending the morning in court, Judge Caprio has to make a decision on how to fine the mom.

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