Sexual Predator Snatches Up Toddler, Then Mom Springs Into Action

A 2-year-old girl was playing on a swing at Kemp Playground near 9th and Harrison in Kansas City when Bates, as the child’s mother told police, began “eyeballing” her children. The mother said Bates walked up behind the girl and snatched her off the swing before grabbing the toddler by the hips and pulling at her diaper.

William L. Bates Jr., 24, of Kansas City, is charged with 1st degree attempted sodomy, and attempted statutory sodomy with a person less than 12 years old.

The mother said she saw Bates lift his shirt, take his pants down and begin pushing against her daughter. Police said the girl’s mother ran at Bates and knocked him to the ground, pummeling him with her fists while he was down.

Officers arrested Bates near the playground, and found he was carrying marijuana and an unidentified white vile of fluid with a chemical odor, according to the arrest report.

Bates’ bond is set at $150,000 cash only. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

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